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October 2018 

I have updated this web site with the newest and latest watercolor efforts.  I am still exploring and enjoying the Daniel Smith paints, their vibrancy and intensity.   I have also been exploring smaller studies and final paintings in an effort to raise the level of competency as I learn about the paints.  This is still so much fun.  Enjoy what you see and let me hear from you as to your favorites.

The latest news is that I have had my painting "Royal Way" accepted into the CWA 49th National Exhibition which will be at the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton  in January 2019.

Any work shown accompanied by a red dot                 is not available as an original.  If you are interested in an original painting or a giclee image, it is easiest to let me know which image you are interested in through this






                      Robert Davidson, CWA

                      September  2018




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