Balanced Blues

Balanced Blues

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December 2020 


I have just added a few more paintings of Music; mostly JAZZ. These are in addition to developing my "Fractured Realism". My goal is to capture the lyrical quality, mood and rhythm of the musical subject. Enjoy what you see and

let me hear from you as to your favorites.

The latest news is that my painting "Cool as a Columbine" was accepted into the CWA 51st National Exhibition which

will be "virtual" (due to Covid 19) starting in January 2021. With my sixth acceptance into the CWA National Exhibition, I  I have received the honor  membership title of "Master" in the CWA as of January 2021. 

Any work shown accompanied by a red dot                 is not available as an original.  If you are interested in an original painting or a giclee image, it is easiest to let me know which image you are interested in through this






                      Robert Davidson, CWA

                      February  2021




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