Gallery of Sketches   2

Any work shown accompanied by a red dot is not available as an original.  If you are interested in an original painting or a giclee image, it is easiest to let me know which image you are interested in through this CONTACT link.

"Shadow Lake Boulder"   July 1974
"Shadow Lake Boulder" July 1974
"Looking down the Tuolumne" 7/90
"Looking down the Tuolumne" 7/90
"Pate Valley Bridge"    Aug. 1990
"Pate Valley Bridge" Aug. 1990
"Helen Lake Outet"    Aug. 1975
"Helen Lake Outet" Aug. 1975
"Palazzo Vechhio"    Jan. 1968
"Palazzo Vechhio" Jan. 1968
"Orcas Play"    Dec. 1993
"Orcas Play" Dec. 1993
"La Giralda"   June 1978
"La Giralda" June 1978
"Tuolumne Cataract"      Aug. 1997
"Tuolumne Cataract" Aug. 1997
"Lyell Canyon"    July 1978
"Lyell Canyon" July 1978
"Tuolumne Stream"     July 1990
"Tuolumne Stream" July 1990
"Mt. Hoffman Flank"     Oct 1997
"Mt. Hoffman Flank" Oct 1997
"Minerets/The Lake Adiza Loop" 7/74
"Minerets/The Lake Adiza Loop" 7/74
"Glen Aulin Rock"    Aug. 1997
"Glen Aulin Rock" Aug. 1997
"Fighting Cocks"    Dec.1956
"Fighting Cocks" Dec.1956
"Sierra Canyon and Dead Cedar"  7/74
"Sierra Canyon and Dead Cedar" 7/74
"Below Muir Pass"   Aug. 1975
"Below Muir Pass" Aug. 1975

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