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Any work shown accompanied by a red dot is not available as an original.  If you are interested in an original painting or a giclee image, it is easiest to let me know which image you are interested in through this CONTACT link.

Giralda Morning    7/16
Giralda Morning 7/16
"Sala de Alhambra"  May 2007
"Sala de Alhambra" May 2007
"Cadaques A",  Sept. 2009
"Cadaques A", Sept. 2009
"Point Elizabeth Light"  Feb. 2011
"Point Elizabeth Light" Feb. 2011
"Russian Domes"  Oct. 2010
"Russian Domes" Oct. 2010
"Sierra Nevada Village" Dec. 2005
"Sierra Nevada Village" Dec. 2005
"Three Blue Boats"  Jan. 2006
"Three Blue Boats" Jan. 2006
"Cloister in Cantabria"  Mar. 2008
"Cloister in Cantabria" Mar. 2008
"Alcazer de Sevilla"  Aug. 2007
"Alcazer de Sevilla" Aug. 2007
"Bishops Ranch House",  May 2011
"Bishops Ranch House", May 2011
"Mesa Verde"  Aug. 2011
"Mesa Verde" Aug. 2011
"Venice Canal"  Aug. 2005
"Venice Canal" Aug. 2005
"Roman Forum"  Apr. 2008
"Roman Forum" Apr. 2008
"Bode Mine", Feb. 2007
"Bode Mine", Feb. 2007
"Kiva"  Feb. 2005
"Kiva" Feb. 2005
"Gables and Pots",  Oct. 2010
"Gables and Pots", Oct. 2010
"Maine Point", Oct. 2010
"Maine Point", Oct. 2010
"Mosque of Cordoba"  Mar 2007
"Mosque of Cordoba" Mar 2007
"Iona"   Dec 2008
"Iona" Dec 2008
"Salt House C"    Jan. 2010
"Salt House C" Jan. 2010
"La Giralda"    Feb. 2006
"La Giralda" Feb. 2006
"Maine Sadler's"   Oct. 2006
"Maine Sadler's" Oct. 2006
"Salt House B"    Jan 2010
"Salt House B" Jan 2010
"Duomo 3"    Nov. 2003
"Duomo 3" Nov. 2003
"Cadaques B"    Sept. 2009
"Cadaques B" Sept. 2009
"Copenhagen Canal"     Sept. 2008
"Copenhagen Canal" Sept. 2008

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